Welcome to Our Coin Gallery!

These coins on display are not for sale,

only to show our quality and craftsmanship.

We offer "CNC" artwork for

3D coins at no extra charge

if you order your coins from us.

Below is an example of CNC artwork.

Ask us why our coins have such a classy

distinction. We have the best known

secret in the coin business!!

Ask Vickie about

our secret!









Antique Silver / Shiny Gold

(Note the use of transparent black poured

over the background on side 2 to give it

the antique look)

Shiny Gold / Shiny Nickel

Using black transparent paint over the

shiny nickel giving it the antique look.




Spinner Coins!




Texture #11 background with black

transparent paint over it.

Background on side 1 has "foggy" paint

to give the dolphins more contrast.

Black translucent paint is poured over shiny gold to

give it the antique appearance.

Look at the craftsmanship on the blades!

New... No charge for cut outs!!!!!




Look at the 3D images under the blue transparent paint!!

This is a bottle opener!




"Flat" Black Paint

Antique Bronze & Shiny Nickel Finishes


Look at the animals under the transparent paint!





This coin is a bottle opener! Creative!

(Black Nickel Finish)



Transparent Purple and Black paints.

Copper and Silver finishes.

Look at how textures can be used

to achieve a certain look.

Copper and Silver Combo

See our "Coin Finishes" page for more ideas.




Spinner Coins!!

Black Nickel Coin (Available to Public for Sale)


We do have some of these for public sale.


This coin is a bottle opener also.



The use of transparent paint over 3D object




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