Antique Bronze

When using 3D on a coin, antique finishes

seem to show the detail much better than shiny.

Antique Bronze mixed with Shiny Nickel


Antique Silver paired with Shiny Gold


Antique Silver


Antique Silver with Diamond Edges

Diamond Edges are normally gold, but if you want the edges

to remain antique silver, please order "finished edges".


Shiny Nickel


Shiny Nickel with 2-tone Shiny Copper


Shiny Nickel and Shiny Gold Mixture


Shiny Gold


Matte Gold with Shiny Nickel 2-tone


Shiny Gold with Diamond Edges


Shiny Gold with 2-Tone Antique Silver


Shiny Copper with 2-Tone Shiny Nickel

Outside circle on the snake coin has transparent

black paint over the copper.


Black Nickel

This finish is great if you have lots of Black in your design.

(The above prayer coin is available for Public Sale)


Side 2 of the above coin is Black Nickel with

Shiny Gold 2-Tone.

(This coin is available for Public Sale.)


This customer used black nickel for the center

of the coin to get the black lines he wanted.


This customer used 2-tone black nickel finish

to give the snake black lines for beautiful detail!


Shiny Nickel with 2-tone Black Nickel



Antique Copper with 2-Tone Shiny Gold


Black Nickel with Shiny Nickel 2-Tone